These most recent works by Hyun Jou Lee have been deeply influenced by a recent metamorphosis her life while reflecting on our inherent connection with nature. This dynamic exhibition celebrates life with all its experiences, emotions, dreams, and hopes.

Born and schooled in Korea, Hyun Jou Lee has called the province of Quebec home for most of her life. Meditations on gestural abstraction implement organic shapes and figures so as to represent the vestiges of the artist’s past. Jou Lee’s work exemplifies the themes of female energy, strength, and vitality, as well as the methods in which artist seeks to embody the intangible.

In her observations of life and art, Jou Lee describes what motivates her “My inspiration comes from observing nature from inside. It is a journey that goes deep into the sympathy that connects all beings and that celebrates one’s life with all its experiences, emotions, dreams, and hopes.” This outlook very much reflects the artist’s state of mind as she has defined her current disposition as transitory, and feels that her recent creative output is a representation of her artistic rebirth. Therein, this new series of works exemplify the strength of reinvention.

Jou Lee captures veiled feelings and moments, which are sometimes specific and other times isolated from context. Her landscapes are indicative of the artist`s proclivity for the natural world as well as her keen ability to capture it. The artist’s implementation of new symbols to her lexicon, in the form of household items, adds another layer onto her creation of a captivating aesthetic universe.

This virtual exhibition by Hyun Jou Lee promises to evoke a multitude of emotions, and will ask the viewer to delve deeply into the essence of themselves, to reconnect with parts of their past and contemplate their present day realities.