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Laurent Craste: la chute

By Dorota Kozinska

Montreal multidisciplinary artist Laurent Craste has taken the medium of ceramics into a truly...

Barack Obama on canvas

By Dorota Kozinska

It is not often anymore that the unveiling of an official portrait of a head of state, or monarchy,...

Gabor Szilasi & Michel Campeau

By Dorota Kozinska

These are two separate exhibitions, but there couldn’t have been a better pairing. Gabor Szilasi...

URSULA JOHNSON: Winner of 2017 Sobey Art Award

By Dorota Kozinska

The annual announcement is awaited with great anticipation in the art circles, and last year’s was...

Par Nathalie Parent

By Dorota Kozinska

Verona Sorensen is the daughter of David Sorensen (1937-2011), a well-known Montreal abstract...


By Dorota Kozinska

The word ’intimate’ does not at first glance fit the heavily textured paintings by

ELLY STRIK: To All the Long Gone Darlings. And to You.

By Dorota Kozinska

The owner of Galerie 1700 La Poste has a particular penchant for unusual art, and her choice is...

The triumphs and laments of William Kentridge

36e Festival international du film sur l’art

Réalisateur : Adam LOW , 2016, 62 minutes.

Par Marine Van Hoof...

La Maison de la Culture Claude-Léveillée
Par Bernard Lévy
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